Two-wing ASSA ABLOY UniTurn revolving door

The high-capacity ASSA ABLOY (previously Besam) UniTurn two-wing revolving door for high-traffic entrances

The high-capacity revolving door ASSA ABLOY UniTurn creates an inviting and spacious entrance by utilizing a perimeter drive that eliminates the need for a bulky center shaft. This creates a larger door compartment area capable of accommodating shopping and luggage carts, wheelchairs and large numbers of users with ease. The ASSA ABLOY UniTurn provides excellent separation of the interior and exterior environments, reducing heating and/or cooling losses. It also features two enclosed display cases within the rotating door leaves that can be used for informational promotions or advertising.

The ASSA ABLOY (previously Besam) UniTurn is designed for placement directly on the finished floor surface with no special foundations required. Optionally, it can be fitted with a key-activated centre sliding door that allows it to be used as a fully automated sliding door entrance for additional ventilation and greater access to the building.

Safety compliance

The ASSA ABLOY UniTurn is fully compliant with EN 16005 safety standard.

ASSA ABLOY UniTurn revolving door

  • Power supply: 230 V, 50 Hz,mains fuse max 10 A,100-120 V, 50/60 Hz,mains fuse max 16 A
  • Power consumption: 400 W /30 W resting
  • Anodizing, clear or bronze
  • Lighting LED 5 W: 70 W
  • Internal height non-standard (max. 2600 mm)
  • Fascia height non-standard (max. 1250 mm)
  • Powder-coated finish (RAL colours)
  • Stainless steel cladding

Product drawings
Product_drawing_ASSA_ABLOY_UniTurn_Activation_units_PIR_en.dwg (dwg, 121 KB ) Product_drawing_ASSA_ABLOY_UniTurn_Activation_units_PIR_en.pdf (pdf, 150 KB ) Product_drawing_ASSA_ABLOY_UniTurn_CAD_for_customer_views_en.dwg (dwg, 235 KB ) Product_drawing_ASSA_ABLOY_UniTurn_CAD_for_customer_views_en.pdf (pdf, 190 KB ) Product_drawing_ASSA_ABLOY_UniTurn_en.dwg (dwg, 3.52 MB ) Product_drawing_ASSA_ABLOY_UniTurn_en.pdf (pdf, 3.61 MB ) Product_drawing_ASSA_ABLOY_UniTurn_Extended_fascia_height_en.dwg (dwg, 373 KB ) Product_drawing_ASSA_ABLOY_UniTurn_Extended_fascia_height_en.pdf (pdf, 158 KB ) Product_drawing_ASSA_ABLOY_UniTurn_Fixed_screen_joint_section_en.dwg (dwg, 166 KB ) Product_drawing_ASSA_ABLOY_UniTurn_Fixed_screen_joint_section_en.pdf (pdf, 220 KB ) Product_drawing_ASSA_ABLOY_UniTurn_Insulated_fascia_en.dwg (dwg, 355 KB ) Product_drawing_ASSA_ABLOY_UniTurn_Insulated_fascia_en.pdf (pdf, 277 KB ) Product_drawing_ASSA_ABLOY_UniTurn_Lighting-36_en.dwg (dwg, 193 KB ) Product_drawing_ASSA_ABLOY_UniTurn_Lighting-36_en.pdf (pdf, 187 KB ) Product_drawing_ASSA_ABLOY_UniTurn_Lighting-42_en.dwg (dwg, 181 KB ) Product_drawing_ASSA_ABLOY_UniTurn_Lighting-42_en.pdf (pdf, 185 KB ) Product_drawing_ASSA_ABLOY_UniTurn_Lighting-48_en.dwg (dwg, 184 KB ) Product_drawing_ASSA_ABLOY_UniTurn_Lighting-48_en.pdf (pdf, 168 KB ) Product_drawing_ASSA_ABLOY_UniTurn_Lighting-54_en.dwg (dwg, 176 KB ) Product_drawing_ASSA_ABLOY_UniTurn_Lighting-54_en.pdf (pdf, 202 KB ) Product_drawing_ASSA_ABLOY_UniTurn_PDR_in_rotating_ceiling_en.dwg (dwg, 102 KB ) Product_drawing_ASSA_ABLOY_UniTurn_PDR_in_rotating_ceiling_en.pdf (pdf, 169 KB ) Product_drawing_ASSA_ABLOY_UniTurn_Water_resistant_cover_details_en.dwg (dwg, 167 KB ) Product_drawing_ASSA_ABLOY_UniTurn_Water_resistant_cover_details_en.pdf (pdf, 149 KB )
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