ASSA ABLOY sliding door operators

Automate your entrance in a variety of configurations with the range of ASSA ABLOY (previously Besam) SL500 operators.

Designing entrances which work around your business, traffic flow and facility floorplan is easy, even where existing doors are operational, with the ASSA ABLOY (previously Besam) SL500 automatic sliding door operator. The ASSA ABLOY SL500 sliding operator is easily adapted for specific performance. The modular composition of the operator facilitates flexibility in every aspect, enabling businesses of all sizes to tailor entrances to meet their unique requirements, without compromising safety, security or energy efficiency.

Strong and reliable automatic sliding door operators for heavy traffic flows

In high-traffic retail, transportation and healthcare environments where doors are constantly required to open and close with heavy useage, the ASSA ABLOY SL500 sliding door operator is the reliable choice. Powerful yet smooth operation handles door weights effortlessly; even configurations of 2x200kg or 1x240kg, with the option of configuring entrances in several ways to fit the facility needs.

Like all our operators the ASSA ABLOY SL500 is easy to manage, with an intelligent touch display located either next to the door, or in a remote location - as far as 500 meters away. Each mode selector can operate up to five door systems at the same time.

Slim automatic sliding door operator for sleek design

Where entrance aesthetics are especially important, for example, on glass entrances in modern buildings, the ASSA ABLOY SL510  (slim) operator is a perfect choice. With a height of just 100mm and whisper-soft opening and closing experiences owing to the low noise emissions during operation, it blends into its surroundings seamlessly. Where the goal is to create a great first impression of the facility and offer consistently excellent performance, the ASSA ABLOY SL510  operator is a natural choice.

Telescopic automatic sliding door operator for maximum opening width

In narrow corridors and small entrances which benefit from maximum opening width, the telescopic ASSA ABLOY SL520 operator is ideal. The modular ASSA ABLOY SL520 optimizes clear openings for internal and exterior access points. Telescopic arrangements are available for bi-parting, four-leaf and single slide two-leaf door arrangements. It also offers a unique solution to maximise security, allowing the simultaneous locking of each of the individual door leaves with just one command from the operator unit.

A perfect fit to your needs

All ASSA ABLOY SL500 operators can be integrated as part of our ASSA ABLOY automatic sliding door systems, or be adapted to drive a wide range of pre-existing doors. ASSA ABLOY operators are supplied completely assembled in the appropriate support beam, ensuring quality and ease of installation, whether the operator is part of a brand new system or is supplied as a replacement to an existing installation.


  • Power supply: 100 V AC -10% to240 V AC +10%;50/60 Hz
  • Power consumption: max. 250 W
  • ASSA ABLOY SL500-2 without break-out: 200 kg/door leaf
    ASSA ABLOY SL500-2 with break-out: 100 kg/door leaf
    ASSA ABLOY SL500-R/L without break-out: 240 kg
    ASSA ABLOY SL500-R/L with break-out: 100 kg


  • Power supply: 100 V AC -10% to 240 V AC +10%;50/60 Hz
  • Power consumption: max. 250 W
  • Recommended max. door weight
                     ASSA ABLOY SL520 -2: 80 kg/door leaf
                     ASSA ABLOY SL520 -R/L: 80 kg/door leaf
  • Clear opening width (COW)
                     ASSA ABLOY SL520 -2:1600– 4000 mm
                     ASSA ABLOY SL520 -R/L: 1000 – 3990 mm
  • Opening and closing speed variable up to1.4 m/s (4 leaves)
  • Hold open time: 0 – 60 s
  • Ambient temperature: -20°C to +50°C
  • Relative humidity(non-condensing) Max 85%